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We Have Steve Nash Training, A SMNT Camp Video, Myck Kabongo and More in Canadian Content

In a light couple of days of basketball news, we did manage to find a great video from the Senior Men's National Team camp, a crazy Steve Nash training video that every kid should watch, a Myck Kabongo interview, some NBL Canada news and more in this edition of Canadian Content ...

First we start off with some National Team looks ...

Big shout to our man Jason Thom for another great video this time about the Senior Men's National Team ... UpNext: Behind the Scenes at Canada Basketball camp | Video |

Here's a short interview with Senior Women's National Team player Alisha Tatham ... One-on-one with an Olympian | The Eyeopener

It looks like the Men's National Wheelchair basketball team is off to a great start at the Paralympic Games in London ... N.B. basketballer helps team win 1st game at Paralympics - New Brunswick - CBC News

A big shout goes out to all our men and women wheelchair basketball players who are looking like medal favorites at the Paralympic Games. They deserve our attention as Canadian basketball fans.

Now for some few pro stories ...

This is true ... Steve Nash gets chance for hoops championship

And if you know a young baller, have them sit and watch this video every day. Nash takes no days off and knows how to train by himself ... Steve Nash Work-Out Video | NBA | Los Angeles Lakers

COCHRANE: Business heats up for NBL’s Rainmen | The Chronicle Herald

The NBLC Kebs have a new home in Laval ... TVA sports | Les Kebs s'installent au Colis

Les Kebs arrivent en ville - Basketball - Courrier Laval

And as a random news bit this if for you who love the Arcade Fire and the Strokes ... Arcade Fire | Win Butler To Lead Charity Basketball Team | Contactmusic

Now for an NC-Double-Eh look here ... Dino Nation Blog: Starting 5 Catches Up With Myck Kabongo.

This is a great high school look here ... Piccinato to retire after more than 30 years in basketball

Now for the CIS stuff ...

Basketball ‘Birds hit floor, new group preps for NCAA Div. 1 Eastern Washington Eagles | The Province

Augustine joins U of R backcourt

Bobcats cap recruiting class with Boudreau - Brandon Sun

And last but not least we have a CCAA story here ... Mariners' title quest set to begin