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Video - Raptors HQ Player Breakdown Series: Terrence Ross

Yesterday I posted my chat with Lorenzo Romar, Coach of the University of Washington Men's Basketball Team.While it was great to talk to Coach about the past season, and a bit about the NCAA etc, the real reason of course that we reached out to him, was to get some additional insight on Terrence Ross, the Toronto Raptors' top draft pick this past June.

Ross touched on a number of attributes that have been associated with Ross' game, but also provided a gem of a quote regarding how resistant to pressure Terrence is, something that was music to my ears, and likely to Raptors' Nation as well.

Following up on said chat then, we bring you the second in our off-season series of video breakdowns yes, a look at Mr. Ross himself.

Shout out to our video ace Darren Bondy for the incredible compilation and shout out to me for sneaking a Grant Hill compare in there...