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Sunday Poll - Will Howard trade impact Raptors' playoff hopes next season?

We're only minutes away from the Gold Medal Olympic basketball match between the US and Spain.

For Raptors' fans, it's a chance to see Jose Calderon in international action once again, a final look before training camp this fall. Jose struggled early in these Olympics, frankly being a bit invisible, before turning it on late in the last round, helping his club advance to the Gold Medal finale.

The US has dominated Olympic play (I'm not even sure I'd count the hiccup against Lithuania as being THAT close) and I don't expect anything but domination again today in said finale.

And this is with a team minus some of its biggest guns like Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard.

Oh yes Howard, that guy that recently got dealt to the LA Lakers for a package of flotsam and jetsam.


On Friday we discussed briefly the potential impact of the Howard trade on the Eastern Conference, and certainly, our beloved Dinos, but in this week's poll, we want to hear from you on the topic.

Will this trade be much of a difference-maker next season in terms of playoffs for the Raps?