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Red Bull "King of the Rock" 1 on 1 Tournament This Saturday in Toronto


As you know, RaptorsHQ doesn't just talk Raps, but we talk Canadian basketball of all kinds; national, regional and local.

It's in the latter category that this morning's post fits as our friends at RedBull gave us the heads up on a pretty cool tournament going down this Saturday at Sherbourne Common (Queens Quay and Sherbourne). It's a walk-up registration for a one-on-one basketball tourney where the winner walks away with not only $500, but an all-expenses paid trip to Alcatraz in San Fran to compete in the Global Finals. The Grand prize is $20,000!

Only the first 64 players will be considered so make sure you get there nice and early to compete. Tourney starts at 1 PM and runs to 6 PM.

Here's a look at last year's contest video and check out the event's Facebook page for more info!