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Canadians Andy Rautins and Olu Famutimi On the Bucks Summer League Roster

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So the NBA Summer League will begin shortly and it seems that the Milwaukee Bucks are checking out a couple of Canadians.

It seems that both Andy Rautins and Olu Famutimi are confirmed for the Bucks summer league entry in Las Vegas beginning next week.

How wild is that?!?!?

I would have figured Rautins would have latched onto an NBA team for this summer since he was only released from Dallas at the start of the lockout shortened season. He was playing in Spain earlier this season post Mavericks and was actually not doing to badly for himself out there averaging about 7 points and 2 rebounds and an assists in 14 minutes of action.

But Olu?

After some investigating, he was playing in Turkey this season and was playing well might I add. He was playing in the Turkish league second division helping lead his team to a 30-8 record while being among his team's leaders in points, rebounds and steals. He's definitely earned his invite to the summer league playing where he was this year.

Now this will not be the end of the Canucks on the summer league teams. Andrew Nicholson is already confirmed for the Magic's squad this summer and more will surely follow in the coming weeks. Stay tuned here for the info as it comes.