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Poll - How Do You Feel about Landry Fields Free Agent Offer?

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You turn your head for two seconds in this free agent period and suddenly everything changes.

The Toronto Raptors were honing in on Steve Nash but otherwise, we hadn't heard much in terms of other potential free agent targets for the club. Yes, Nic Batum and Jeremy Lin had been mentioned briefly in the media, but that was pretty much it other than the Dinos' own players that were set to hit the market.

In fact, I was about to pen a piece tomorrow about some of my favourite under-the-radar options for Toronto, guys like Ersan Ilyasova, Jeremy Evans Fields.

But Bryan Colangelo beat me to the punch.

Yes, it sounds like the Raptors have tendered a $19M offer to Mr. Fields in a play that both improves their club on the court, and potentially ends any talk of Steve Nash going to the New York Knicks via a sign-and-trade deal with the Phoenix Suns.

Nothing will be official until July 11 but we want your first take, how do you feel about this potential move?