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Video - RaptorsHQ TV Talks Steve Nash

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We're back with another edition of Raptors HQ TV.

When we last left off we were in full NBA draft mode but now, we're switching gears a bit to talk free agency.

And where does free agency start? With Mr. Nash of course, the player the Raptors have put a full court press on for. Nash does have a few suitors though with the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets all having met the former two-time MVP in the past few days and a decision on Nash's fate (and likely the team he'll close his wonderous NBA career out with) coming potentially in the next 24 hours.

Therefore the HQ's Franchise and Scott Campsall give their take on the potential arrival of Captain Canada, and how his addition could impact the franchise, specifically in terms of on-court play. The off-court reasons are overwhelmingly in favour of his pursuit but the on-court? A bit shakier say the duo...