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Sunday Poll - How Many Games Will Raptors' Win Based on Their Schedule?

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Yesterday we took a guess at just how many wins the Toronto Raptors would finish the 2012-13 NBA season with.

We looked at wins produced, win shares, wins at the Air Canada Center versus away, wins against the average number of fans who pay for overpriced ACC beers per game...

...well...not really.

In actuality, we simply took a look at what the Dinos' schedule was going to be this season, factored in the current rosters of the clubs they were facing, and took a shot at how many wins we thought said schedule, on paper, would result in.

We came away with 37, a pretty solid number, especially compared to previous seasons, but one that likely means Toronto misses the playoffs for a fifth-straight season.

But we want to hear your take this Sunday.

Based on the schedule and our breakdown, how many games do you think realistically Toronto will win?