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Video - Spain Loses to US, but Raptors' Calderon Breaks Williams' Ankles

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It was only a friendly, but don't tell that to Coach K and the US men's basketball squad, who beat up on Spain 100 to 78 in last night's action pre-Olympic action. Carmelo Anthony led the US with 27 points and LeBron James chipped in with 25 of his own. The US was able to use their quickness to overcome Spain's size advantage in a match that saw both teams missing key players.

From a Raptors' perspective, it wasn't exactly a stellar game for point guard Jose Calderon, who had eight assists, but also had four turnovers and struggled to keep up with the US' bevy of athletes. However he did do a pretty good number on Deron Williams' ankles:

Now did a wet floor help Jose out a bit here? It seems like it, but it's a fairly funny clip nonetheless considering the spread-eagle position Deron finds himself in.

Nice work by Mr. Purple for capturing the play, albeit a bit stop-and-go-ishly...