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Can Ball Ray Talks Senior Women and the Olympics in This Edition of The Can Ball Report Podcast

The Olympics is the largest global athletics event this year and Canada Basketball is sending one team over - the Senior Women's National Team. With the SWNT on the verge of starting their first game of the London 2012 Olympics, Can Ball Ray figured to give a brief look at the team heading into the biggest thing that's happened to the Women's Program in some time. After an absence of 12 years and countless near misses at world events in the last few, the Senior Women are one of only two Canadian teams representing the Red and White at the Games, which is totally huge.

In this edition of the Can Ball Report podcast, he goes over the send off event that happened for them in Toronto this past Thursday, the deepness that is the team's roster and a quick look at the pool that they will be playing in all right here for your listening pleasure ...

*** Sidenote: I did state that the SWNT will be playing against Russia on the 26th of July. That is actually incorrect. They play Russia this Saturday the 28. My bad y'all. You can see the complete Olympic schedule for the ladies here. ***