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Raptors' Ross 20th on SB Nation's Summer League Rookie Rankings

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Interesting post this morning from SB Nation's Mike Prada.

Prada ranks all 52 Vegas Summer League rookie participants, categorizing them from MVP on down to the disappointments.

The Toronto Raptors had two rookies playing in Summer League, Terrence Ross and Quincy Acy. Ross was ranked 20th and fell under the "Very Good in their Role" category while Acy, due to a lack of playing time, fell under the "everyone else" cat.

On Ross:

If the Raptors see Ross as more of a "3/D" guy that camps out on the perimeter to space the floor and plays strong one-on-one defense, then they should be encouraged by his play in Vegas. You could see him playing with DeMar DeRozan or Landry Fields, occupying a complimentary role while making an impact for his team.

I just feel like the No. 8 pick should have shown a bit more than that. He had major issues getting into the paint off the dribble, forcing him to fire up a bunch of errant jumpers. For the Raptors to get him a scoring opportunity, they had to hope a defender helped off him or that he could free himself using the maze of screens set up for him. His defense was impressive, and he'll be used next season, but I was frankly disappointed in his inability to get to the hoop.

It's an interesting take on the former Husky considering that his performance in LV was much more positively reviewed by various others but Prada makes a good point; Ross did struggle at creating off the bounce so we'll have to see how he fares in the L against superior players.

Ross also failed to make Scott Schroeder's All-Rookie Summer League Team, however as we all know, Summer League success is hardly a guarantee of a dominant NBA career. Past MVP's have included Von Wafer, and former Raptor Jerryd Bayless...