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Toronto Raptors 2012-13 Season Promo - Avengers Style

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You know what's refreshing? In spite of the criticism volleyed against Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors organization for losing out on Steve Nash, and the potential vast overpayment of Landry Fields, etc, fans are still pumped about the upcoming season.

We've seen it through the comments sections and various other spots online. I mean, one fan even went as far as sending me a series of about 10 tweets explaining step-by-step, why the Toronto Raptors will smash expectations this year, make the playoffs, and win 45 games!

I'm not ready to go that far (actually we'll be talking wins on the site tomorrow) but it's a nice breath of fresh air in many respects, especially given the club's performance pretty much since Chris Bosh left for greener pastures.

So it goes without saying that the following video montage, created by "9vortex" is a nice extension of this, introducing names like Ross, Valanciunas and Lowry ala The Avengers!