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Nash, Batum and Grant Hill? - Raptors Free Agent News and Notes

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Get out the wheelchairs and walkers!
Get out the wheelchairs and walkers!

All quiet on the free agent front.

Or is it?

The Steve Nash pitch ended yesterday for the Toronto Raptors and they now move onto other targets. No official word on how said pitch went, but Nash was meeting with representatives from the New York Knicks as well yesterday, and the Brooklyn Nets are up this morning.

Incidentally, Nash might not be the only former Sun the Raps are interested in. An report has the club linked to veteran Grant Hill as well, who's apparently attempting the same platelet treatment as Kobe Bryant.

So are the Raptors trying to set up a retirement home?

Nash and Hill have been outliers for sure in terms of productivity given their age, but can this type of play continue? That's the million dollar question (or $36M dollar question in Nash's case.)

How much the Dinos can offer Hill may of course depend on the success of their overtures towards Nash and Nic Batum, who's reportedly being offered a $45 to $50M deal by the Timberwolves.

Other than those three names, we've yet to hear any other rumblings although the Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat did tweet that the Raps were no interested in free agent point guard Jeremy Lin. SB Nation is keeping tabs on all the free agent news so check this thread regularly to get all the latest.

Also, SB Nation's Tom Ziller put together this rather comprehensive ranking of the top 75 free agents from this year's class. A few names I'd like to see Toronto express some interest in include Ersan Ilyasova, Darrell Arthur, Courtney Lee, Josh Howard and Gerald and Danny Green.