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LLLBL - Lowry and Landry Lunch Box Links

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Let's kick this edition of LBL off with a little video footage courtesy of one of the newest members of the Toronto Raptors, Landry Fields:

Fields was introduced to the Toronto media yesterday where he was compared to Shane Battier by Raptors' President and GM Bryan Colangelo.

Moving on after the jump...

Kyle Lowry was also introduced obviously, and it's pretty clear that he's not only going to represent the future of the team at the point guard position, but also will be expected to be the club's on-court leader.

The National Post's Eric Koreen has a full breakdown of the presser here, and while both names should make for positive contributions next season, Sportsnet's Michael Grange notes that this club is still slightly lacking in the "star power" department.

And of course, Bryan Colangelo thinks the team is making progress, despite essentially giving James Johnson away, something Tim Pickett notes in his memorial to JJ, which delves into BC's "asset management abilities."

One thing that BC didn't act on was amnestying any of the team's current players, with yesterday being the amnesty deadline. Truehoop gives a scary look at the cost of this clause.

Want a look at the two new Raptors in their uniforms? Here's a view from Kyle Lowry's Twitter feed.

And finally, also via Twitter, we'll sign off this edition with a great photo of one Raptors' fan's new Quincy Acy jersey.