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Poll - What's Your Take on James Johnson Being Traded to the Kings?

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Well, the move first reported at about 4 AM by is now official as the Raptors have indeed traded forward James Johnson to the Sacramento Kings for a second-round pick.

The pick is in 2014 so we'll see if Sacto can languish in the basement of the NBA long enough for this to provide some value.

From the press release:

The Toronto Raptors announced Monday they have traded forward James Johnson to the Sacramento Kings for a 2014 second-round draft choice. The Kings will absorb the remainder of Johnson's contract providing the Raptors with additional roster and salary cap flexibility.

"The addition of Landry Fields and Terrence Ross created some crowding at the wing positions," said Raptors President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo. "This move frees up minutes for our players under contract, increases our financial flexibility and opens up a roster spot to address other needs."


Considering the Raptors' wing options could very well be the worst in the NBA, not sure I agree with BC here but there you have it.

In any event, now that trade has gone through, we want to hear from you.

Like it, love it, indifferent, give us your take.