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Landry Fields is a Raptor - Knicks Decline to Match Offer

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This is hardly a surprise.

Or is it?

The New York Knicks have apparently declined to match the Toronto Raptors offer to free agent Landry Fields, waiting till nearly the 25th hour to make their decision.

This means Fields is a Raptor, something that at one point seemed like a no-brainer up until about a week ago. That's when the Knicks suddenly were faced with losing Fields and replacing him one. The 'Bockers have rarely been cost-conscious so to speak so of late, it seemed like New York would actually entertain keeping the former Stanford star.

But yes, this is the Knicks we're talking about, the same team that just traded for Raymond Felton.

Cricket, cricket, cricket...

The Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat spoke with Raptors' coach Dwane Casey in Las Vegas this evening about the potential signing, and Casey had this to say:

"If we're fortunate enough to get him, he's a guy that can defend multiple positions. He runs the floor, good shooter ... he gives us another guy who can catch-and-shoot, space the floor,"

Right now he looks to be a good bet as Toronto's starting small forward when training camp opens but we'll dig into the repercussions of this signing in terms of personnel, more, as the summer continues.

Now, back to Josh Akognon Summer League highlights.