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Raptors Drop Summer League Debut to Rockets, Ross Leads Team with 21

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Ed Davis had a strong 2012 Summer League debut last night despite his club's loss to the Rockets.
Ed Davis had a strong 2012 Summer League debut last night despite his club's loss to the Rockets.

The Raptors can't hold onto an early lead and fall to 0 and 1 in Summer League play thanks to last night's loss to the Houston Rockets.

Apologies for the late recap today, still in the Maritimes doing some visiting and internet access has been spotty at best.

Therefore I didn't get to see last night's action live, or, live as in "on TV," but hoping to catch the recap later on. Early reports are that Terrence Ross looked good and indeed, he finished with a team high 21 points for the Raps.

However it wasn't the most efficient performance as it took him 19 shots to get those 21, and along with going 8 of 19 he only took two foul shots (although he hit both.)

Ed Davis' box score stood out the most in fact as he had 18 points and 8 boards in 24 minutes of action as well as three blocks. Davis apparently has been working on rebuilding his jump shot since the season ended and let's hope his 7 of 12 display continues in Vegas and beyond.

After these two however, it's hard to get that excited perusing the box score of last night's 93 to 81 victory by the Rockets. Raptors' starting point guard Ben Uzoh had 8 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, but had five fouls and four turnovers. And while Summer League vet Bobby Brown had 15 points, it took him 16 shots to get those.

Again, not having seen the game, it looks like rebounding was a key factor in the loss as the Rockets grabbed 12 offensive rebounds to the Raptors' five. Houston was led by Donatas Motiejunas who had a scintillating debut with 25 points on 11 for 13 shooting!

Terrence Jones, Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lamb also had strong games scoring-wise for the Rockets who go to 1 and 0, while the Raps now sport the inverse record heading into Sunday night's tilt against the Miami Heat.