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Video - RaptorsHQ Talks NBA Summer League

Due to various reasons, including a friend's wedding in Halifax, I won't be heading to Las Vegas for Summer League this year, and unfortunately neither will any of the other members of the HQ team.

It's too bad as Summer League has traditionally been a great opportunity for us to chat with some of the newest members of the team, and it will be my first non-lockout miss of the event in three seasons.

Traditionally Summer League doesn't really tell you who can play in the NBA but it certainly tells you who can't. I can recall watching Patrick O'Bryant, the Raptors' starting Summer League center, getting what would be his final shot with the Dinos a few years ago in Vegas and much to the chagrin of TO's coaching staff, using it to show that he could be the second-coming of Rasheed Wallace.

Yep, in games where O'Bryant was on average two inches taller than most teams' big men, he abstained from doing the dirty work down low and continued to fire away from the perimeter.

Yep, there have been some pretty classic performances from former Raptors' in Summer League. Hell, look at this old roster from a few years back!

So who's on this year's Vegas entry for Toronto?

No idea at this point however we can be sure that Ed Davis and Terrence Ross will be the team's go-to options with others like Quincy Acy and reportedly Xavier Point Guard Tu Holloway, getting lots of touches too, something Scott Campsall and I discuss in our latest RaptorsHQ TV spot: