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Talks with Nash Ongoing - Raptors Looking to Trade Calderon?

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From's Marc Stein via Twitter:

Raps still meeting w/Steve Nash in NYC as we speak. Also: Told Raps already trying to trade Calderon so amnesty not needed on expiring deal.

The first part of the tweet isn't exactly ground-breaking but the second part is definitely interesting. The discussion on the site has indeed been that making Jose Calderon an amnesty casualty makes little sense outside of the need to clear cap space for both Steve Nash and additional free agent talent. Jose is a valuable commodity and to lose him for nothing would smart, not to mention be a sad way to potentially close the book on one of the more loyal players in franchise history. So to hear that Colangelo and co. are looking for trade partners is intriguing to say the least.

I'd be surprised if BC pulls this off simply because most teams know that they'll likely be able to take a shot at Jose if he's "amnestied."

But if a certain team is desperate and believes they'll lose out in such a post-amnesty bidding situation, perhaps there's a chance.