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Amick: Raptors to Offer $12M Annually to Free Agent Nash?

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How do you feel about paying Steve Nash over $12M when he's 40? That's the number being quoted by Sports's Sam Amick in a post tonight on various free agent news and rumours.

As noted by Amick, there's no word on the length of the proposed contract but in all likelihood we're talking either a two year deal with an option on a third or three full years being guaranteed.

It's hard not to swallow a bit hard at that number for a variety of reasons, most notably that Nash will be leaving Phoenix's team of medical swamis and should he get injured, that $12M doesn't leave a lot of loot for reinforcements.

More on Toronto's pitch:

The Raptors may be making the most aggressive and elaborate pitch. Sources said a Raptors group that includes team governor Larry Tanenbaum, general manager Bryan Colangelo and coach Dwane Casey was scheduled to fly in Tanenbaum's jet from Los Angeles to New York overnight in order to visit with Nash on Sunday. The group was attending the wedding of an assistant coach in L.A.

That wedding is that of Assistant Coach Eric Hughes, so maybe that $12M number came after a few too many shots?

In addition, other reports are noting that the Raptors' presentation includes post-retirement opportunities with the club for the two-time MVP, a castle with a moat and drawbridge, and a spot next to Don Cherry on Coach's Corner replacing Ron MacLean.

Ok...I made the last two parts up but you get an idea of the direction this pitch is going...