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No Kris Joseph Buzz, No Worries

With the hoopla of the Chicago Draft Combine done, the only thing left between now and the Draft on June 28 is more team workouts. But through this process, there has been very little heard of Syracuse's Kris Joseph.

Our SB Nation colleagues at Troy Nunes is An Absolute Magician pretty much summed up his current state in their post on Joseph earlier this week and at this point in time it may be an up hill battle of sorts for him to get back into a favorable position by month's end.

There are still a few weeks of workouts left and this is going to be the crunch time for him in terms of window of opportunity. Like our colleagues stated above, Joseph is at his best in an open, running type offense and not having participated in some event that had ample five-on-five situations may have been lost chances to showcase his electric game. Now he'll have to do more work, I think, in what could amount to less than favorable conditions.

Regardless, there is still a chance that Joseph can move up the Draft board between now and the Draft. He's fallen from the early second round to the late second on some mock Draft boards in the last few weeks but I really think that is more due to the availability of players that fit individual team needs and does not mean he's declining in skill set.

He'd be a welcome addition to a team with a need for a slasher/transition scorer but the question now is will he have shown enough to get Drafted. We'll just have to see which teams bring him for now.