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Harkless, Lamb, Lillard and Rivers Talk to the Media at NBA Draft Combine

March Madness, mock drafts, declaration deadlines...for me the NBA draft doesn't REALLY feel like it's around the corner until the annual combine kicks off.

That occurred yesterday of course, and continued today with athletic testing and interviews. always has a full breakdown of the interviews, but this year was on the scene too for some video and audio footage with a few of the top prospects.

Click here for Moe Harkless' take on the draft process (wait, why does he think Toronto has the third pick?)

Click here for our favourite option at eight, Damian Lillard, talk about his ability to play the point guard at the next level (no concerns from us on this side)

Click here for Jeremy Lamb explaining pretty much nothing (although sounds like the Raps and Knicks have already seen him privately work out)

And finally, click here for Austin Rivers (who's not cocky, because his team's always won...although not because of him...or something.)

One thing though we get the audio on the questions a bit better so I don't have to bother my Grandfather's hearing aid?