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Poll - Iguodala or Gay, Which Player Would You Prefer to See on the Raptors' Roster?

If you were hoping Raptors' GM Bryan Colangelo was going to make a splash this off-season, then this recent string of rumours regarding the Dinos was sure to make you happy. Not one, but apparently two of the league's top swingmen are targets of BC's off-season shopping trip, including the Philadelphia 76er's Andre Iguodala, and the Memphis Grizzlies' Rudy Gay.

Earlier today we talked about the pros and cons of one versus the other, and as usual, we'd love to get your take on the duo. Would you prefer the all-around game and defensive exploits of Andre Iguodala? Or despite having the more expensive contract of the two, would you prefer Gay at only 26, and potentially looking for a team like Toronto to really take his game to the next level?

Obviously part of the question depends on what Toronto would have to give up in each situation but let's keep it simple for now; based on only the two options as players, which would you prefer to have on the Raptors next season?