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If Grizzlies Looking to Deal Gay, It's Not to Free Up Room for Mayo

Lots of talk about Rudy Gay of late and with good reason. Rumours are flying that the Toronto Raptors are interested in acquiring the former UCONN swingman, and that Memphis is willing to shop him around.

But why?

Is it simply because Gay had a so-so season after returning from injury?

Or is it a combination of said so-so performance and his overly onerous contract that's making the Grizz see what's out there?

SB Nation's Memphis Grizzlies' blog, Straight Outta Vancouver, takes a first crack at things, but warns against using the rationale that the Grizz are looking to move Gay to clear space for soon-to-be free-agent, OJ Mayo:

I'm shocked to see that the Grizzlies might look to cut costs in order to bring back Mayo. Speights and Arthur I can see, but Mayo? I wonder where this information is coming from, especially after Mayo stated just weeks ago that he wants to "go somewhere" where he can "play point guard."

Yeah, that's not going to happen here. And especially after his stumble in the 2012 playoffs, along with the Grizzlies history of wanting to move him over the last three seasons. It's been no secret that they've wanted him gone. And as I've mentioned many times before, the price tag for Mayo is probably going to be a bit more than they're going to want to spend on a good, not great sixth man.