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Raptors Looking to Move Draft Pick?

Hot off the press from a Chad Ford chat on this afternoon, it sounds like indeed, the Toronto Raptors are considering moving their first-round pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

Crazy right?

Well, no, after the team missed out on a top three selection via last week's lottery, this pick was obviously in play for the right price.

And that price?

Possibly Rudy Gay.

First Hoopsworld's Alex Kennedy reported on Monday that league sources are indicating that the Grizzlies would shop Gay and his nearly $54M commitment, and then noted that the Raps are one of the teams reportedly hot on his trail.

Then today in his chat, Ford had this to say in response to a question regarding what the Dinos do with the eighth pick:

I agree that the Raptors are looking to move the pick. They've been trying to package it with another young player like Ed Davis and a vet (Bargnani or Calderon). I think they want a big time player on the wing so that they can lure Steve Nash this summer. The guy most people in the league believe they are after via trade is Rudy Gay. If they stay at 8, they want a player who can get to the basket. Thus ... Waiters at 8.

All aboard the Rudy Gay bandwagon?

Lots to discuss regarding the pros and cons of his acquisition but at face value it's hard not to get excited about the prospect of adding the versatile swingman to the roster. The price would likely entail not only the eighth overall pick, but a youngster like Ed Davis, and some form of contract like that of Jose Calderon, that wouldn't shackle their financial flexibility in the near future. (Remember, this is a team that is likely looking to keep OJ Mayo, Darrell Arthur and Maurice Speights around.)