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Look What Canadian Basketball Stuff I Found on Ebay

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Today Can Ball Ray found a piece of game worn something or other from a potential NBA Draft pick. If you have the cash, you can own a piece of this player's equipment and if you're lucky you may even get him to sign it after he signs with a team ...

So in this instalment of the our series, we move to the game worn arena. Today, we have a genuine pair of game worn basketball shoes that were worn by none other than our favorite Syracuse senior Kris Joseph.

This looks like a great pair of game worn kicks. These Jordan Brand Melo Vs are in the Syracuse Orange colorway of orange and white and show some signs of game wear on the patten leather throughout. Joseph, a known sneaker connoisseur, has worn some pretty nice shoes over his career with the Orange and truth be told these are a pretty lame pair. I would have personally loved to have a chance at bidding on his game worn Christmas LeBron IXs but I suppose these will do then.

The good thing about this is that these are coming from the Steiner Sports company that specialize in genuine sports memorabilia so you can bet it's a legit piece of official school memorabilia. If you happen to find it in your heart, or wallet, to part with cash to put these on your mantel or you feet you'll also get a letter of authenticity from Syracuse and Steiner Sports. It gets no better than that for a collector of high priced sports stuff.