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Nicholson in Chicago This Past Weekend and Sacre Monday

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It seems that Andrew Nicholson has had a workout with the Chicago Bulls this weekend. Nicholson has incredibly busy nowadays since the start of the post college season and this now makes a total of five teams he's worked out for so far, not including the Pacers who he's worked out for today.

Nicholson has been racking up the frequent flyer milage in the last few weeks and it will be well worth it come the end of the month. Being a borderline first round pick Nicholson has been doing all the right things in being available for workouts. It's definitely making a case for him as a top 30 pick but it would help for us fans if we had a gauge of how teams thought of him as well. The Draft Combine is only days away and we'll be able find out more about his performances from the likes of DraftExpress.

As a side note: our man on the street Franchise from RaptorsHQ was in Chicago this past weekend and he mentioned he ran into one Robert Sacre in an establishment in town. I mentioned on Twitter that the last Canadian to crash the Chicago Combine was Cory Joseph and he ended up being drafted by San Antonio in the last of the First Round. Sacre actually worked out for the Bulls today as well so something to keep an eye on. The frontcourt of Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson are gonna be there until at least next season so Sacre could be a target as a free agent since they don't hold any second round picks right now. Put this info in your memory banks people because it could resurface.