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Kris Joseph Spent Sunday in Milwaukee

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It looks like Kris Joseph has made his way to another pre Chicago Draft Combine. It was reported that he was in attendance for the Milwaukee Bucks workout Sunday making that two so far that I've found for the Montreal native.

The Bucks seemed to have had a wing and guard workout yesterday with Joseph likely being paired up with Chris Johnson of Dayton. This story mentions that the team needs some backcourt help outside of a big man or two but the author fails to realize that Joseph is not a guard at all. It will be interesting to see if other teams will view Joseph in a swingman role prior to the Draft workouts are done. Though he does have some good outside skills, I don't know how he'll fair against the NBA two-guard.

The Bucks have a late lottery pick and a mid second round pick available so Joseph would obviously fall into the latter option for Milwaukee but I wouldn't hold my breathe right now. The team may have a need for another legit three man but I'm thinking that Joseph ultimately will not be it for them, at least not until after the Draft Combine.

It should be noted that the article says that Joseph was limited by a groin injury. That may be something to worry about with the Combine being only a few days away.