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Poll - Should the Raptors Pursue Steve Nash in Free Agency?

It's Steve Nash mania right now in Raptorland as the Toronto Raptors prepare to make a push to acquire the two-time MVP. Whether the Raptors get their man is anyone's guess right now but one thing's for sure, it's created more buzz around this club than there has been in...well...ever?

Ok, we're not going to go that far but suddenly the Dinos are in the news and not just on this side of the border. The idea of Nash returning to his homeland is a fairytale indeed but not everyone is enthused. There are legitimate concerns about not just acquiring a 39 year old player with a history of back issues, but also the overall plan of action Bryan Colangelo is moving on. This morning when I wrote that the Raptors have no choice but to move in Nash's direction it's because I had already accepted the overriding premise that Bryan Colangelo was not going to continue to rebuild. As a few of our readers noted, the true choice would be to admit that the current pieces aren't working, and REALLY tear things down.

We all know unfortunately that that won't be the case, so we're left with a bit of a "making the most of the situation" ahem...situation.

So with that in mind, we want to hear from you. Nash or no Nash, which is it?