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Argentina Handled, Japan Between the SWNT and London

The Senior Women are one win away from heading back to the Olympics in 12 years as they locked up Argentina to pull out a convincing 58-42 win. Both teams struggled from the floor the entire contest but Canada was able to pull away in the second half to ensure the victory.

The SWNT will now face Japan tomorrow evening, in the morning if you're celebrating Canada Day in North America, for the last ticket to London.

The Japanese, like Argentina look pretty even on paper with Canada but there are some areas where our ladies definitely have an advantage, namely in the height department. The SWNT have only three players under 6-foot with the average height being 6'2". This should be an excellent factor for Canada on the glass who are averaging 48 boards per game compared to Japan's 36.

Japan will be able to equalize the height disparity by using their speed and Canada will need to be very wary of them at all time on both ends of the floor. In this David vs. Goliath match up (figuratively and metaphorically speaking of course), Canada will need to put their foot down and establish their presence in the paint early on O to get looks for the outside shooters.

With this being the last game of the tournament, expect there to be all stops pulled out here. It's the final do or die situation and with a ticket to London on line, I'm thinking that there will be bruises and floor burns galore to get this win.