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Poll - Raptors vs Grizzlies - Which Team Currently Would You Rather Be?

Yesterday we compared our beloved Toronto Raptors to a team that participated in this year's playoffs, the Memphis Grizzlies. Again, the Raptors mostly came up on the losing end of the arguments, and unfortunately, striking out on a top three draft pick in Wednesday's lottery probably doesn't help.

But as usual, we want your take.

The Grizz have some true top talents like Zach Randolph, Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol, as well as some dynamite role players like Tony Allen.

But they'll have some difficult decision to make regarding their cap space very shortly, and in terms of how they can get their club back to the later round of the NBA playoffs.

The Raps?

Well, they're the Raptors with some nice upside in Jonas Valanciunas, another lottery pick, and lots of cap space and flexibility. However there's not much proven talent compared to Memphis, so we're banking on a lot of "hope for the future."

But what's your take, Grizz or Raps?