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Poll - What Grade Would You Give the 2012 Raptors' Draft?

Andre Drummond.

Austin Rivers.

Jeremy Lamb.

Even John Henson.

There were names that we expected to see bandied about the eighth overall pick if Harrison Barnes, Damian Lillard and Dion Waiters were off the board.

But Terrence Ross?

It's hard to say there were a lot of fans of this pick based on discussions in our live-blog, as well as Twitter and email, but hey, the Raps had two shots in the second round to redeem themselves right?

Wait, the Dinos picked Quincy Acy over Quincy Miller?

And they passed on upside guys like Scott Machado to stash Tomislav Zubcic overseas?


Later today we'll break this whole thing down but upfront this draft looks like a C+ situation to me. Don't love, don't hate, and we'll get into it some more later.

But right now we want to hear your thoughts. What grade would you give the Dinos for their draft work last night?