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Raptors Chose Ross, Acy and Zubcic in 2012 NBA Draft

Welcome to Toronto Mr. Ross.
Welcome to Toronto Mr. Ross.

So there you have it.

Three picks, three players, no trades. The Toronto Raptors selected Washington guard/forward Terrence Ross with the eighth overall pick to the surprise of many, and then in the second round of the draft grabbed Baylor forward Quincy Acy, and seven-foot forward Tomislav Zubcic.

Hate it? Love it? We'll be posting a poll first thing to get your take but there are certainly some strong emotions out there about the state of the team. From the response on the site and Twitter, it was mixed at best with many folks thinking Ross could have been had later in the draft.

We'll be breaking down the entire piece in the morning but let's let this digest a bit. Of course we'll run Ross and Acy through our usual gamut of statistical and research but right now there' s no question that this draft stings a bit. I'll elaborate more later, but I think if you had told the average Raptors fan that this season they'd win 23 games and as a result, draft Terrence Ross, there'd hardly be dancing in the streets. This team needed to really tank, and in absence of that, got stuck with what seems to be their "well, I guess he's next on our list" pick, in terms of first-rounders.