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Raptors HQ NBA Draft Open Thread

Game time folks.

We've previewed all the prospects.

Done the analysis, done the research.

We've attended a good chunk of draft workouts too and I think we're pretty much ready to rock and roll.

Trade rumours are flying fast and furious but it still sounds like Andre Drummond holds the key to this thing for the Dinos. If he shows up in the top seven, the Raps could get their man. If not, then...


That's the million dollar question right now isn't it?

The HQ team is settling in at this year's draft headquarters, Lou Dawgs near the campus of Ryerson University to watch this unfold. We've got nearly our full crew in tow and we'll be liveblogging at least the first round, with each of us taking a turn to weigh in on a series of picks.

Make sure you drop by and give us yours too and please be warned...if Austin Rivers is the pick at eight, there's a good chance the site goes down for a day...or year...