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Poll - Which Player Will The Raptors Draft With Eighth Pick?

Ok. So we're hours away from the moment we've all been waiting for.

The Toronto Raptors, with the eighth pick in the draft, at the time of this post seem to have a myriad of options from individual players, to trade scenarios. But let's throw away the latter for a second and assume that the Dinos keep their first-round pick.

Who do they choose?

Will it be one of the three players we believe to be on Bryan Colangelo's "wish list;" Harrison Barnes of UNC, Dion Waiters of Syracuse or Damian Lillard of Weber State?

Or will those options be gone and the Raptors forced to look in another direction, choosing from a lower seeded tier of prospects like Duke's Austin Rivers, UCONN's Jeremy Lamb, and UNC's John Henson?

Or what about simply stockpiling assets and choosing the best player left on the board in hopes of converting him into a useful piece to provide immediate productivity? In this case we're of course talking Andre Drummond, whose draft position seems to be in flux at the moment.

So let's hear it, which player does Toronto end up drafting if they keep the pick?