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Sacre Could Sneak Into the Second Round Tonight

When the names of Canadian players in the Draft have been surfacing in the last few weeks, the name that often pops up after Andrew Nicholson and Kris Joseph is Robert Sacre.

Sacre's been making the rounds in the last few weeks since his invite to the New Jersey Draft Combine and he's been at his share of individual workouts. He measured well at that combine and since then he's been travelling the league playing for whoever was willing to see him.

And that may have worked in his favor.

He's been impressive from what little evaluation has snuck out of the workouts and with his mobility and size he can step in right away and play with the best of them. He's got a good feel for defense and that will go a long way to having him lock up a roster spot down the road. He's still got learning to do but you can teach height, which he has.

But first things first - get Drafted.

He's not projecting on the Draft Express mock draft nor has he made any of them since the start of the NCAA post season but has the definite possibility of sneaking into the second round. His size and mobility as well as his ability to defend in the post are going to be his big pluses in a league that seems to value the stretch big and they are going to be very hard to ignore the later we get in the second round.

Of the bottom six team of in the second round, New Jersey, Dallas and San Antonio, could all use another big in their lineup and a price like Sacre's will be very hard to pass on. Oddly enough, Toronto is also in that mix at the bottom of the second round but with the logjam that is the power forward position Sacre coming over will be less likely.

Now if Sacre does get in, he'll be a part of the largest group of Canadians that got Drafted yet. The odds are that he goes undrafted tonight and gets an invite to a summer league team but there is always a chance he gets in before that happens.