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Ford: Tough Call for Raptors if Lillard and Waiters are Gone by 8

From an chat this afternoon, sounds like Chad Ford is on the same page as us in regards to the unfortunate draft situation that could be awaiting the Raptors:

Question: In your opinion, are the Raptors going to trade the #8 pick? I heard they had Lillard in for a 2nd look, just posturing or would they take him over Waiters?

Chad Ford: They'd take him if Waiters was off the board. The question for the Raptors is what if Lillard and Waiters are off the board. That's a tough one and a disappointing one for Toronto. Don't think they'd take Drummond. Probably between Jeremy Lamb, Austin Rivers and Terrence Ross. They'd LOVE it if Harrison Barnes fell to them and have explored moving up in the draft. Would the Cavs do 4 for 8 and Ed Davis?

So yes, there's the rub once more.

If Lillard and Waiters are gone by the time Toronto picks, then what?

As can be seen above, and as we discussed this afternoon, the other options aren't very palatable unless yes, the Dinos can pull off some sort of trade to ensure one of the picks they really want lands in their lap.