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With the 8th Pick in SB Nation's Mock Draft, the Toronto Raptors Select...

Dion Waiters, welcome to the NBA.
Dion Waiters, welcome to the NBA.

As has been the case the past few years, our SB Nation crew of bloggers has taken a crack at how the draft will unfold on Thursday night. Each team has made their pick, given an explanation of why said pick was made, and potentially taken a shot at another club drafting around them.

Ok so maybe not that last part.

The results can be seen here as the entire first-round was mocked up by our crew.

Our choice? Mr. Dion Waiters:

Waiters was in a group of about four guys the Raps reportedly have an eye on, and with our top gun, Lillard, off the board, we turn to the Syracuse combo guard. Positionally he doesn't fit the gaping hole the Raptors have at the 3 spot, but in all honesty, this club needs all the help it can get regardless of position.

And in terms of upside, many believe Waiters could be one of the top players to come out of this draft when all is said and done. He's a bit undersized, but extremely strong, explosive and can get to the rim better than anyone in his draft class. He's even drawn comparisons to Dwyane Wade in this way, and considering the Raptors were second-last in the league in terms of free-throw differential last season, Waiters would be a nice boost.

It doesn't hurt that he also serves as a nice insurance policy should the team lose their current combo-guard, Jerryd Bayless, to free agency.