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Canada Crushes Mali to Open Their Olympic Qualifying Tourney

As imagined, the Senior Women's National Team had opened up the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Turkey with a win over Mali today.

In fact, it wasn't even really a win but more like a slaughter when you consider the score was 89-23. (Did you see the shooting numbers that Canada allowed? Yikes!)

What this win means is that the SWNT will be advancing to the next round of the tournament barring an upset win by Mali over France by something north of 40 or so points. This is great for Canada since it takes the pressure off of them to beat France. Of course beating France would be great but right now it's not entirely necessary.

The key for the SWNT for the next game will be twofold in my eyes: 1) execute and play tough on both ends of the floor against what is one of the top teams in this tournament and 2) try to keep anyone from getting hurt.

I don't need to tell you guys, and gals, that in international tournaments health is the most important thing to try and maintain. Playing back-to-back-to-back-back games can really do a number on a team and without periods of proper recuperation this can lead to injury. This huge win for Canada allowed all players to get in the game without going too extended on minutes, which is ideal.

Now it's on to play France tomorrow. Game time will be at 2:15pm EST.

Go Canada Go!