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Holloway, Hummel and Stoglin Highlight Today's Raptors Draft Workout

Once one of the top prospects in the country, Hummel is now trying to find a home potentially in the second-round of the draft.
Once one of the top prospects in the country, Hummel is now trying to find a home potentially in the second-round of the draft.

Quick post regarding this morning's workout that went down at the ACC. No big names so a) we didn't attend and b) didn't post a big preview this AM. However here's the list of who reportedly came through:

Name Position Height College/Country

Tu Holloway Guard 6-0 Xavier

Terrell Stoglin Guard 6-1 Maryland

Wesley Witherspoon Forward 6-9 Memphis

Robbie Hummel Forward 6-8 Purdue

Xavier Gibson Centre 6-11 Florida State

Negueba Samake Centre 6-11 Mali

Suffice to say that all are second-round and maybe even Summer League options at this point with most of these guys not even various mock drafts as top 60 options. Even the most ardent college fans would be hard-pressed to elaborate much on most of these kids, but we'll touch on our three faves here after the jump...

We'll start with Holloway and Stoglin, both of whom are very similar scoring guards. Both are on the smaller side for NBA PG's, especially since both actually measured out an inch under their measurements above at the NBA combine. However Holloway's 6-5 wingspan for a 5-11 prospect really helps, and as a hard-nosed player who excels at getting to the hoop, he'll definitely get some looks in the second round.

And really, that's the key thing about both Stoglin and Holloway. We're talking about the fourth and fifth best guards in this class at getting to the rim based on free-throw attempts per 40 mins. In fact, as interesting sidebar, the club has not brought in four of the top five guys in this capacity: Damian Lillard, Jared Cunningham, and now Stoglin and Holloway. Think the Raps are looking for a specific skill-set?

And speaking of Lillard, offensively both guards provide similar benefits to the Weber State PG. Stoglin actually averaged slightly more three-point attempts per 40 minutes than Lillard, and was only a shade below the Weber State product in terms of points per 40. (27.7 versus 25.8.) Holloway too was more of an "offense-first" guy, but has shown the ability to be a much better facilitator than Stoglin. Also like Lillard, both of these guards are decent rebounders despite their size, averaging about four boards a match.

However as we've discussed over the last while, everything that these guys do, Lillard does better, and offers the most well-rounded option of the crew. No surprise then that he's now being slated to go as high as sixth in this draft to the Blazers. In all honesty I'm not a fan of either Stoglin or Holloway but of the two, Holloway with the 56th overall pick would hardly be a big deal. At 37 though..

One other player from this crew to touch on his Robbie Hummel. If you want to talk about basketball tragedies, Hummel's name would likely appear on the list considering as a freshman he was considered a future lottery pick, and now may go undrafted as a fifth-year senior. Hummel just hasn't been able to catch a break health-wise, since being one of 24 candidates for the John Wooden award at the conclusion of his freshman season, and in order, has gone through broken vertebrae as a sophomore, a torn ACL in his junior year, and unbelievably, a re-tear of the same ACL the following season as a senior.

He did return as a relatively healthy fifth-year senior last season for Purdue, but we're not talking about exactly the same player anymore. Gone is a lot of the dynamic quickness and athleticism that, when paired with is size and shooting stroke, made him such an enticing prospect to begin with.

He can still shoot it though. Last year for the Boilermakers he hit on 38 per cent of his long-range attempts and averages of 16 points and 8 rebounds in a tough conference are hardly pedestrian. He's a tough kid with a great mind for the game so there's definitely a good chance he gets drafted in the second round.

I'm not sure if it will be the with Raptors, but here's hoping his story concludes happily with him finding a team to play for come next fall.