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A CIS All Canadian is Working Out for Sacramento Today

Today is the day that a kid from Saskatchewan, via California, is working out for an NBA team. Jamelle Barrett, two time CIS First Team All Canadian, is getting a workout with the Sacramento Kings.

Now I'm not sure what time that will be but I would assume it will likely be in the morning at some point but regardless of time, Barrett is getting a look with an NBA squad. If you check out the roster of players in this particular set, Barrett's guard counterpart will be three time Ivy League First Team selection and the 2011-12 Ivy League Player of the Year Zack Rosen.

I think this will be a great test for Barrett here. He's a local kid from California and going up against a player like Rosen will show a lot about Barrett as a player. If you've seen him play, it seems like he's in fast forward compared to everyone else at the CIS level. Going up against the Ivy Player of the Year will a great way for him to show that he can play at any level and it could possibly even earn him an invite to an NBA Summer League roster. We'll definitely keep you posted as we find out more.

Best of luck today Jamelle.