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Video - RaptorsHQ Talks to Draft Prospect Terrence Jones

One thing about NBA draft workouts is that you never really know what to expect.

Sometimes when the media is allowed entrance to the sessions, it's pure scrums. Sometimes we see twenty, thirty minutes of drills and live action.

At other times, it's shooting displays only from the prospects.

Even during interviews, "results may vary."

Sometimes prospects are excited to chat with the media and sometimes, well, it's pretty obvious that the wear-and-tear of constantly answering the same questions has them not so keen on another go-round of the same.

At last Thursday's session I went to grab Kentucky forward Terrence Jones for a chat only to find out that...well...he had to go. Yep, "go." It was a slightly comical moment for both of us as I could tell he wanted to chat, but also couldn't get into a five hour discussion.

So we decided on a quick back-and-forth, the result of which can be seen below. Unfortunately the quick set-up meant the audio on this vid isn't as good as our other shoots, but it was still great to at least grab Mr. Jones for a quick second before he had to run.