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RaptorsHQ Goes One-on-One With NBA Draft Prospect Robert Sacre Part II

Are you an NBA team looking for size, energy and intensity in this draft? Sacre's your man.
Are you an NBA team looking for size, energy and intensity in this draft? Sacre's your man.

Sacre Saturday here at the HQ continues with part two of our Q&A session with the Gonzaga big man...

RaptorsHQ: Ok so big question. Where do you see yourself getting drafted on the 28th, first round, second round...

Robert Sacre: I've competed against lottery picks during the season at Gonzaga and over my career, and obviously I know I'm not going to be a lottery pick, I've accepted that, but I've given a lot of those guys fits. So I know I can play with them. But I think I'll be late first round to anywhere in the second.

RHQ: And have any teams expressed particular interest?

RS: Just like Lady Gaga, Poker Face!

(At this point I realize that I don't really want this chat to end, as Sacre is by far one of the more entertaining interviews I've done. He's certainly no Marreese Speights!)

RHQ: What about your individual skills, what would you say the biggest strength you're bringing to the NBA is?

RS: You know, my biggest strengths are my energy and aggression I can come off the bench or start and bring energy by any means necessary.

RHQ: And what would you say your biggest improvement was from season to season in college? Watching you earlier in your career you were more of a defensive presence but by your Senior year, your offensive game really began to round into shape.

RS: Yeah, I think that's true, the D came first and then the O. But I've worked damn hard to get where I've gotten. I know it's not over, and I know I've still got more to do, but the sky's the limit if I put in the work. I want to be the best that I can be, I want to push myself to that level.

RHQ: Like Kevin Garnett right?

RS: No question. I want to get the full potential out of myself because I know where I can get to. I've worked my tail off, and it's paid off and it's gotten me this this far so if I keep working that hard I know I can get to where I want to be as a player.

RHQ: Is there a certain NBA player you've either modelled your game after or who has inspired you?

RS: Well, I look at my defence, and I take pride in my defence, I think my defence is like Kendrick Perkins. Like a big body who can move too, and who can guard a few positions. I model myself a lot after Perkins and obviously he doesn't average a lot of rebounds, and people bring that up to me too, but he prevents other people from getting them so his teammates can. His presence alone makes a difference. He might not have unbelievable numbers but he's been in what, three championships?

RHQ: Yeah, he just gets it done.

RS: And I model my offence after Carlos Boozer.

The...UTAH, Carlos Boozer. (Laughs.)

RHQ: Moving on from there, what do you think of the National Program, and especially Steve Nash's involvement?

RS: I'm just proud to see him back in the red and white and I know he'll change that program a lot.

RHQ: What do you think the biggest issue was with the program? Besides a lack of success, do you think there were also issues in terms of recruiting top names?

RS: I really don't know to be honest. I think there were a lot of factors, and I really don't know what the real key was, but I can see a lot of players now wanting to come back and play for the program and bringing that back to when we came fourth in the Olympics.

RHQ: It's exciting as a Canadian to see talent like yourself and others, not just in the college system but even in high school when you talk about the Wigginses, or the Joseph's or the Kabongo's...

RS: Which Joseph, there' s like a hundred of them! There's always been talent and, I was just talking to Kris Joseph about this the other day. It seems like we were just 14 working out with a junior development program and we were just trying to figure out which schools we wanted to go to and now it feels like hundreds of Canadians are coming out!

RHQ: It's true, there really is a great movement going on currently in terms of Canadian basketball talent. So let me ask you this then, you've played for Team Canada in the past, would you consider playing for them in the future?

RS: No question. I just wanted to stay focussed at Gonzaga so I didn't participate really during that time. I just wanted to finish up there, I've graduated, I have everything done, so now that I don't have that and basketball is my whole life, there's no question I want to play for Canada. I love basketball so much and it was hard not to represent the country but I just wanted to stay focussed. Now I've got the NBA to worry about but in the off-season, you need something to keep you in shape and competitive and I'd love for it to be the national program.

RHQ: One last have a reputation as not only being a really hard worker, but also a fun-loving guy. What's the most memorable thing you did to your teammates at Gonzaga, maybe a prank you played on them or something along those lines.

RS: During Christmas break. (Gonzaga Guard) Steven Gray and I, we were bored, and Austin Daye had left school for the break, so what we decided to do was go sledding. You know those beds that have the pee cover thing over it? We took his bed and went sledding on it.

RHQ: Did he find out about it?

RS: We put it away before he got back so he had no idea we did it!

RHQ: I was hoping for something like that, that's amazing. Well great chatting to you Robert and best of luck on draft night!

RS: Thanks, and great chatting with you too!