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Video - A Look Inside Raptors' NBA Draft Workouts

My favourite part of the NBA season? The NBA Draft.

My favourite part of the NBA Draft process? The team workouts, something that thanks to the Toronto Raptors, we've been lucky enough to attend now for the last number of years.

Workouts vary depending on who's in the group, what agents will allow, how many participants there are, and various other factors, but one thing remains the same; the participants go hard.

Assistant coach Eric Hughes typically runs the show and if the intensity level is waning, he lets the participants know. Apparently this was the case part way through Thursday's session, likely because most of these guys have gone through 82 of these in the past few weeks.

What else goes on? Take a look at the following video that our camera ace Darren Bondy shot. It's a pretty good summation of the various ongoings in a typical pre-draft workout down at the ACC: