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Video - RaptorsHQ Talks to NBA Draft Prospect Perry Jones III

Yesterday's workout gave us an opportunity to see four of this draft's premiere big men up close and in action.

We just weren't sure we'd get to talk to them.

However during my interview with Jared Sullinger, posted last night, Perry walked over and commenced to watch the one-on-one along with our camera ace, Darren Bondy. So when Sullinger and I concluded our chat, we hauled Mr. Jones III over for his take on the workout that had just transpired, something he was more than happy to do.

Like my conversation with Sullinger, I tried to talk about some topics that weren't of the "same old, same old," variety including Perry's time at Baylor, the workout process, and expectations of him coming into the NBA. Not only that, but we got into some other interesting sidebar topics as well such as Jones' familiarity with Jared Sullinger's go-to moves, and his impressions of Toronto, especially concerning the hotel he was staying at, which pretty much blew his mind...