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Look What Canadian Basketball Stuff I Found on Ebay

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In the world of Ebay, the sports card is not a rare sighting even if it's a rare card. Can Ball Ray, again on the site looking for long lost FUBU and Cross Colors clothing came across this pretty interesting insert card. He considers it a two faced card since there are literally two sides that could be highlight side and the price is actually pretty ridiculous to not want to make a play on it. Find out which one it is right here ...

The sports card has been a way for us sports geeks to collect memorabilia and at the same time allowed us to catch a glimpse at our favorite sports figures while keeping them in our pockets as tokens of our adoration. And since the boom of the industry in the late 80s, companies have been trying to entice us to buy these pieces of iconography through clever special inserts.

Well, have I got an insert for y'all right here!

It's a 2011 Panini Black Box insert. But not just any insert. This one is of our Canadian basketball golden boy Steve Nash and it has a piece of his game worn jersey AND the embroidered NBA logo as one piece. And for extra icing on this cake, if you flip the card over you have a piece of game worn jersey AND NBA logo of Phoenix Suns' guard Kevin Johnson.

In all honesty, this is a nice collectible card and the fact that this particular insert series was numbered to 99 makes it a pretty rare piece and worth collecting. In this day in sports card collecting age, game worn jerseys are old news and they are a pretty frequent insert to the point of ho-hum now, even for a player of Steve Nash/Kevin Johnson stature.

But my drawing point to this item is the price. If you take a look at the current price, you can have this card for .99 cents. Now there is one bid on this item already but you do have 5 more days to try and outbid this cat. I imagine that if the right bidder comes along this could be commanding a lot more than I'd be willing to pay but hey, if you're getting this card for less than $10 than you have yourself a steal.