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Nicholson Works Out for Orlando

It looks like a lot of the pre Pre-Draft Combine workouts are about as hush-hush as they've been in a little while making it a tough to really find major news on this front. But in the digging, I have uncovered (mind you it is three days after the fact) Andrew Nicholson was in a workout this past Wednesday in Orlando.

This is Nicholson's third workout for a team, that I have found anyway, before the Chicago Draft Combine and like the Celtics and Thunder, he could be a viable option for the Magic in the frontcourt.

Orlando currently holds the 19th pick in the Draft, which is just two ahead of the Celtics two first round picks. Nicholson could be a great, economical addition for the Magic since the big man rotation could be light after this season. Dwight Howard has been grumbling to move out and both Daniel Orton and Ryan Anderson could possibly be on the team next season with both players contracts for all intents and purposes being done after this season (the Magic have a team option on Orton and Anderson is a restricted free agent).

With a team of gunners, slashers and stretch big men (a la Hedo and Anderson) Nicholson could fill the role of rebounder/defender/garbage guy and his personality would allow for that to be a great role. I'm sure that we'll not be able to find the Magic's braintrust's thoughts on his workout but I'm sure that they will be looking closely at his performance in Chicago next week now.