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Potential NBA Draft Pick Sullinger Red Flagged for Back Issues

And the news for Raptors fans regarding the NBA draft keeps getting better.

Hot off the press,'s Chad Ford is reporting that Ohio State big man Jared Sullinger has been medically red flagged by NBA doctors, according to various sources. The red flagging is apparently over concerns regarding Sullinger's back.

From Ford:

A number of NBA team doctors have reviewed the information from the NBA and have told their front office staff that Sullinger's back issues could shorten his NBA career and some have advised their teams not to draft him in the first round.

Sullinger missed two games for Ohio State in early December with back spasms.

With the Raptors locked into an unenviable spot in the lottery, Sullinger looked like a potential safe pick should some of the team's top options be selected prior to the Raptors' turn. But Sully could now be in a free-fall situation similar to what we saw with DeJuan Blair a few years back.