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NBA Playoffs Liveblog - Heat vs Thunder

So far this series is slightly living up to its billing is it not?

The Thunder have overcome horrific starts in both games to make them close, but couldn't close things end both times.

End result?

A draw so far in the series with both teams winning a game and now heading to Miami for the next section of the series. One has to think that even a slightly better start by OKC puts them in the driver's seat but the Heat have yet to play their best basketball either, especially regarding Dwyane Wade, who is for some reason struggling mightily in the first-half of matches. From

In 20 games this postseason, Wade has posted a 15.2 player efficiency rating in the first half of games (remember, a 15.0 PER is average). Yes, Wade, a former Finals MVP, has been no better than a league-average player in the first two quarters in the playoffs.

Strange stats indeed.

We'll see how things play out tonight as we bring you a liveblog, something we haven't done since the Raps closed down shop to end the season. We've had a few requests though to throw one up, so we'll give it a shot tonight.