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Harrison Barnes and Austin Rivers Video Scouting Reports

As the latest salvo in its continuing series of exemplary video breakdowns, Draftexpress takes a look at two players squarely on the Toronto Raptors' draft radar; Austin Rivers and Harrison Barnes.

Both players of course were in for a look this past week as part of Toronto's pre-draft workout series, and both could indeed be options at 8 for the Dinos depending on how the rest of the lottery plays out.

In Rivers' case, his strengths deal mainly with his ability to score off the bounce using his tremendous first step and excellent handle, while he needs to work on refining his shot, and playing off the ball:

For Barnes, his strengths start with his physical traits and extend to his ability to score the ball from inside and out, while he's got work to do at getting to the rim, creating for himself and others, and there are still questions about how much of a go-to guy he is: